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CEDR draws on our unrivalled range of experience in the use of conflict management roles, processes, skills to tailor-make training. Whether you come to us with the wish to cover general topics, concerns around specific skills or with pre-prepared learning objectives, we will work closely with you clients to ensure that the training we deliver conflict management training to fit your company and your context.

In designing training for you we will draw on interactive methodology to allow you to address your specific needs in relation to the four key conflict management skill sets: communication skills; emotional skills; process skills and negotiation skills.

The training may focus around a specific context, such as difficult conversations or effective project teams or on one specific skills set such as high emotion. It can be tailored to assist your managers in addressing employment issues more effectively, or to the skills and process to enable your team to manage relationships with clients to maximise sales opportunities.

More than anything we would like to encourage you to contact us to talk through your conflict management and negotiation issues and see how we may be able to assist you in capitalising on constructive conflict and minimising the fall-out of destructive conflict.

Costs vary according to course length; bespoke work; type of organisation; expert seniority. We encourage you to contact us for costings. Organisations usually choose to run these courses in their own meeting/training space. However, sometimes organisations will choose to pay for an external venue to ensure that their employees have a distraction-free environment

Please contact Danny McFadden at or
Tel: +852 28691816 for further details.

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