Track record

Informing the market and breaking new ground

  • Every year CEDR worldwide runs over 150 courses events and seminars around the world and CEDR Asia Pacific is actively engaged in facilitating a wide variety of cutting edge innovation courses in the Asia Pacific region, In recent years CEDR has launched major training initiatives such as our Workplace Mediation course for the employment sector and our Certificate in Advanced Negotiation (CAN)
  • We maintain mediator standards of excellence through a programme of Advanced Mediation Training courses.

International leadership in training

  • CEDR Asia Pacific provides training to the Hong Kong Bar, Hong Kong Law Society, HKIAC, the Judiciary and many law firms in the region
  • CEDR Asia Pacific trains Assessors, Mediators and lawyers in a variety of skills needed to become ADR competent.
  • In the UK, CEDR provided mediators skills training to judges.
  • We have undertaken the first internationally accredited mediator skills training in many countries such as Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan.
  • CEDR has delivered ADR workshops in over 30 different countries.
  • We have trained local commercial mediators in Advanced Mediation Practice in Bosnia and we deliver mediator skills training courses in Europe, including Ireland and Spain.
  • CEDR worked with the European Patent Office to run a Study Tour for Russian and Ukrainian federal judges.
  • We ran the first ADR International Study Programme in 2006.

CEDR has worked, often confidentially, with organisations ranging from large-scale manufacturers and from national and local government or international public agencies to professional services organisations.

Leading global development


  • CEDR launched a landmark mediation centre alliance in Beijing with the CCPIT to assist European and Chinese businesses resolve disputes without resorting to costly litigation.
  • Trains over 100 mediators in Asia every year, often in centres such as Hong Kong.
  • We worked with the World Bank to professionalise mediation in Pakistan.

CEDR has worked extensively in Europe

  • Following their Green Paper in 2002, the European Commission launched an EU Code of Conduct for Mediation and a Draft Directive developed by a drafting committee on which CEDR was represented.
  • The first pan-European ADR research project, conducted by CEDR in conjunction with leading law firm CMS, culminated in the launch of a joint publication 'The EU Mediation Atlas: Practice and Regulation'.
  • CEDR successfully introduced mediation into the Slovak civil justice system.
  • We designed and established an extra judicial system for resolving welfare disputes in Samara, Russia.
  • We have worked in Kazakhstan in the development of consumer-orientated mediation centres.
  • We trained local commercial mediators in Advanced Mediation Practice in Bosnia and we regularly deliver Mediator Skills Training in Ireland.
  • CEDR worked with the European Patent Office to run a Study Tour for Russian and Ukrainian federal judges.
  • We developed a mediation pilot in the Commercial Court, Croatia.
  • CEDR undertook the first internationally accredited mediator skills training in Nigeria and continues to run courses there.
  • We have contributed to the initiation of commercial mediation in South Africa through our consultancy work and our Mediator Skills Training.
  • Between 2004 and 2007, we contributed various work streams to a project entitled "Strengthening Morocco's Judicial and Administrative Reforms" aimed at introducing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms in Morocco.

The Americas

  • CEDR every year participate major international Mediation events in the United States and other countries.
  • In 2011 CEDR conducted an Advanced Mediator course in New York for some of the US East coasts best mediators.

In addition, in the last year alone, CEDR has delivered ADR workshops to or within over 25 different countries.

Improving Civil Justice Systems

  • CEDR Asia Pacific has been actively involved in assisting in the creation of a new mediation system in Hong Kong, offering comments on draft legislation and attending meetings of Department of Justice Committees on Accreditation and a new draft Mediation Ordinance.
  • In the UK in addition to the Court of Appeal Scheme and regular High Court and Commercial Court referrals, CEDR is actively involved in court-referred mediation schemes in Birmingham, Cardiff, Central London, Exeter and Guildford.
  • CEDR is a national provider to the National Mediation Helpline, operated on behalf of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Building upon the success of the Judges' Forum in recent years, as well as our involvement in the three-year judicial education programme for the Judicial Studies Board, we have provided mediation training to judges.
  • CEDR produced an educational video on mediation and has published two editions of its 'Court referred ADR: a guide for the judiciary'.
  • We submitted a report to Mr Justice Colman's Commercial Court working group on court-ordered mediation and later a report to the Court of Appeal prior to the Halsey judgment.

For a confidential discussion about any of our training services contact Danny McFadden, Managing Director of CEDR Asia Pacific Tel +852 28691816, or

Our Consultancy track record

Building teams and skills

  • CEDR developed a range of bespoke training programmes for an international umbrella organisation, focusing on the development and implementation of human rights and public health issues. Key issues were to address the tensions caused by rapid change, reinforce collaborative team working and improve staff negotiation skills.
  • CEDR worked with Novozymes, a leading biotechnology group, to develop a bespoke, highly interactive programme of training designed to enhance the negotiation and conflict management skills of a multi-national team of managers.
  • CEDR conflict coaches have undertaken a wide variety of coaching assignments including:
    • Working with individuals
    • Repairing a difficult manager/subordinate relationship
    • Supporting a director through managing a difficult change process
    • Relationship re-building following a dispute
    • Building team work in the boardroom
    • Working with a team
    • Achieving Board consensus
    • Preparing for difficult negotiations

Dispute systems design

CEDR is regularly consulted by regulatory bodies and ombudsmen on administering organisational and sector specific mediation schemes, meeting their needs by drawing on its extensive experience of dispute resolution.

  • Schemes include the creation of the first ever mediation service in a regulatory context for the Financial Services Authority, the mediation scheme for the Housing Ombudsman Service and the COMPACT scheme for dealing with disputes between central government and the voluntary/community sector.
  • CEDR also designed a scheme for use by Union Railways in connection with property disputes relating to the recently completed construction of the Channel Tunnel rail link (a high speed railway line) from St Pancras to the Channel Tunnel.
  • CEDR worked with ESSO and its retail agents to improve dialogue and provide clearer mechanisms for dispute resolution following a period of strained relationships caused by falling oil prices.

Tackling complex disputes

Since 1990 CEDR has established stakeholder-dialogue processes for the facilitation of complex disputes in the commercial and public arenas:

  • CEDR undertook a 15-month intervention to design a process capable of resolving the litigation surrounding the collapse of £1billion Atlantic Computers and British & Commonwealth Holdings, one of the largest and best-known corporate collapses of the 1980s.
  • CEDR undertook a consultation and process design exercise which eventually resulted in the settlement of the claims of some 5,000 families in connection with the Royal Liverpool Children's Litigation involving involved multiple legal and non-legal issues - this was the first occasion upon which mediation was successfully used in clinical negligence group action.
  • CEDR worked with a national medical body to facilitate multi-party negotiations over the proposed revision of its Royal Charter.
Supporting critical business deals
  • CEDR's deal mediation service helped close the deal for the acquisition of an internet entertainment company worth $1.5 billion after negotiations had hit difficulties at a late stage due to the level of emotions and personal interests involved.
  • CEDR is working with the Wind Energy Division of Lloyd Industrial Services, the leading certification agency in the sector to provide a combined relationship and project risk management service for wind energy projects.

For a confidential discussion about any of our training services contact Danny McFadden, Managing Director of CEDR Asia Pacific Tel +852 28691816, or

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