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Our team are leaders in the creation of bespoke solutions and our comprehensive dispute resolution service means that we can ensure that we meet your needs no matter how big or small, simple or complex your dispute may be.

Use the table below to identify which kind of dispute resolution expert you need for your case. Complete the online form or contact CEDR Asia Pacific on +852 28691816 or email cchiu@cedr.com.hk or dmcfadden@cedr.com.hk to get the expert of your choice.

Expert type

What they can do


A mediator can assist parties in working towards a negotiated agreement, giving the parties ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution.


An adjudicator can decide a fast working solution to an issue pending the outcome of, or without the need for, a more formal dispute resolution procedure. The decision is binding unless or until the dispute is finally determined by other means.


Arbitrators are appointed to decide the outcome of a dispute between two or more parties. The decision is final and binding.

Expert for Expert Determination

A technical expert who will make a binding decision on technical rather than legal issues and who has the power to ask question of the parties before rendering his or her decision.

Expert for Early Neutral Evaluation

An independent person who expresses an opinion on the merits of the issues specified by them. This opinion is non-binding but will provide guidance as to the likely outcome should the case be heard in court.

Independent neutral for negotiation or independent chairing

An independent neutral or chair brought in to manage the process rather than dictate content.

Facilitator or Neutral for an independent intervention

An impartial third party who can facilitate negotiations, discussions, consensus-building, problem-solving and relationship-building or manage existing or potential difficulties in a wide variety of situations.

Project services mediator

A mediator appointed at the outset of a long project or major business relationship, who will act as the point of contact when communication problems are anticipated or arise.

CEDR Coach

Someone who can assist teams or an individual to find a way forward or for those who simply need to raise their game to meet the new challenges in today's organisations.
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