Case management is an added benefit of using CEDR Asia Pacific as your mediation service provider. Case management includes access to a dedicated case manager throughout the life of the mediation.

CEDR has years of expertise working with parties on mediator and neutral suitability and the logistics of setting up a wide range of dispute resolution processes. With up-to-date knowledge of all our mediators and neutrals, they ensure parties select the most appropriate expert to meet their dispute requirements and assist you with the logistics of setting up mediation or other ADR process.

Our Case Manager will:

  • Review your requirements and deliver the mediator appointment service you have requested
  • Arrange the date of the mediation
  • Find and book a suitable venue
  • Prepare the mediation agreement
  • Advise the parties on which documents are required
  • Provide the mediator and the parties with an attendance sheet
  • Coordinate the transfer of mediation bundles
  • Deal with other logistics and ad-hoc issues on behalf of the parties and the mediator as required.

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