CEDR Asia Pacific mediators

Commercial mediation is a practical and professional process which is designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict and then assist parties in reaching a commercially viable solution.

Our mediators are comprised of a number of leading mediators, along with a group identified by us as highly talented up and coming mediators who conduct their mediation practice through CEDR Asia Pacific.

Our mediators understand that for many individuals and organisations dispute resolution is a ‘distress purchase’. The cost in terms of business disruption and personal management time to manage conflict is often underestimated.

Hourly rates for CEDR Asia Pacific mediators are set subject to the background and experience of the individual mediator and the nature and value of the case. There are no hidden costs and we currently do not charge administration fees.

Mediators from this group may be booked once we have received an application from you which sets out the nature of the dispute and the parties involved or simply by picking up the phone and calling +852 28691816 or email info@cedr.com.hk or dmcfadden@cedr.com.hk


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